They Had Only Boys, Tried 1 More Time for A Girl, God Sent Them Quintuplets

Joshua and Megan Hulen, like many other couples who already have sons, wanted to have a daughter. So when they decided to try again after one failed pregnancy, it didn’t take long for Megan to get pregnant. They were eager to find out whether or not they were going to have a daughter after so much time.

The family had two boys, a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old, before the pregnancy. They were desperate for a girl and decided to try again one last time. The couple went through fertility testing, which revealed some issues that necessitated more therapy being canceled. Because they could not believe it when they found out they conceived

When the doctors were able to acquire more information about her pregnancy, they informed the pair that she was undoubtedly pregnant. But not just with one kid; there are five!

“We went to our first ultrasound at six weeks and found out that there were five,” Megan informed us. “It was a little bit shocking, but it’s also exciting and terrifying all at the same time, I’d say.” And Megan concurred: “Absolutely.”

Joshua and Megan were expecting quintuplets, according to this. And the family of four will be a family of nine. She told WKRG and others are wondering, “They did not come from IVF.” Her husband also said, “And they aren’t COVID babies. It was previously that they came from.”

Megan is happy that the baby was conceived before the epidemic even began. This allowed her spouse to join her at several of her early appointments. And these meetings helped the family bond closer while dealing with this adversity, which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on their lives.

Her pregnancy, on the other hand, was not simple since she had to cope with the knowledge that she would soon give birth to five children as well as the COVID-19 epidemic and the restrictions placed on them. Megan said, “It’s been really crazy, something we never expected, for sure. ”

On September 2, Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison were born at 32 weeks into their mother’s life.The proud dad said, “It’s miraculous but overwhelming all at the same time.”

The quintuplets’ doctors and parents were equally shocked. Megan shared, “They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen. And so we thought, ‘OK, there’s not going to be five. There’s going to be two, three, or something. We went back after a week, and there were five heartbeats.”

The probability of delivering quintuplets is one in 43 million. For the family, this will be a major event. They are also the first quintuplet to be born in North Dakota!

Jacob, the brothers’ brother, said it., “I’m glad to be home, and it’s just amazing because you know, this has never happened.”

Even though it was larger than they expected, Zoey is thrilled and happy to have a big family. She stated, “We’re blessed, and we’re happy about it.” And Joshua smiled adding, “Absolutely. And at some point in the future, when we get to sleep again, we’ll be thankful for that too.”

Having children is a gift. Joshua and Megan are truly blessed, as they now have two wonderful kids.

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