This is an indescribable and unique moment. A few minutes after birth, the child hugged and kissed his mother.

This little baby surprised everyone with her mother’s hugs just a few seconds after birth.


The girl was born a few years ago, and the cute video and photos of this touching moment still win hundreds of hearts.


A newborn baby, wrapped in a turquoise blanket, clung to her mommy. The video of such a beautiful moment was even broadcast on television.

“My daughter hugged me for the first time and it seemed to me an unforgettable feeling!”


Recalling the reaction of the medical team, the woman says:

“The entire staff is just wonderful!

Everyone was surprised at the incredible act and the unprecedented expression of caress crumbs.

Agatha is already about 3 years old, we could not find photos of a girl at this age, but we can enjoy her act together, when she was just born.



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