Tim Conway’s 7 Funniest Skits Because Sometimes You Just Need A Laugh

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was the platform for the hilarious comedy of Tim Conway. The talented comic constantly cracked up his co-stars with his improvisation and incredible physical comedy.

The Elephant Story

Tim’s wackiest moments involve many times when he caused the cast to crack up. A story he told to the cast in a scene had them in stitches.

‘The Elephant Story’ was all a part of Tim’s mind, and he describes a scene where a monkey is dancing the merengue on elephant Siamese twins connected at the trunk. Carol, Vicki Lawrence, and Dick Van Dyke fall to pieces, laughing.

The Dentist

In ‘The Dentist,’ Harvey Korman is the victim as Tim plays a dental school graduate who keeps accidentally sticking himself with the novocaine needle. The classic Conway physical comedy has Harvey and the audience in tears.

The Interrogator

‘The Interrogator’ sees Tim and Harvey playing Nazi soldiers who question Lyle Waggoner. Their unique line of questioning involves hysterical German accents and hand puppets.

Mr. Tudball

Tim loved playing the role of the demanding boss ‘Mr. Tudball’ to Carol’s secretary character ‘Mrs. Wiggins.’ When Mrs. Wiggins can’t get the hang of the new office intercom, Mr. Tudball becomes comically frustrated.

The Galley Slaves

‘The Galley Slaves’ involves Conway playing his iconic ‘Old man’ role. He’s teamed with Harvey Korman again, and the two men never seem to be able to make it through a scene together without busting up.

The Fireman

‘The Fireman’ sees Tim trying to rescue Harvey, but Tim is the ‘Old man’ character again. That means he moves painfully slow, even in an emergency situation.

Harvey needs Tim to save him from the smoke by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but the two comics can’t finish the scene due to their own laughter. Tim Conway’s comedy created some of the wackiest moments ever on ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’

The World War II Airplane Jump

‘The World War II Airplane Jump’ featured Harvey and Tim playing servicemen on a mission to parachute and destroy a bridge. Tim has the map of the village with him, but it is tattooed on his stomach!

He lifts his shirt and Harvey makes a plan by tracing his finger across Tim’s stomach while Tim laughs from being tickled. The two men crack each other up throughout the skit. Tim Conway’s comedy created some of the wackiest moments ever on ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’

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