Tim Tebow Inspires Fans To Go After What God Calls Them To Do

Former Footballer Tim Tebow has been vocal about his faith in God and regularly shares on social media how the Lord is using him in the country and worldwide.


Now he’s sharing an Instagram post with his followers, telling them to do what the Lord is leading them to do.

He shared on Instagram a screengrab of a tweet he had shared on Twitter, which read,

“5 truths you need to hear today:

1. God has a plan for your life.

2. You are here for a reason.

3. You can make a difference in the lives of others.

4. You have what it takes.

5. You are loved.”

Giving it an engaging caption, he reminded his followers about the five points he shared on following God’s leading and impacting people’s lives as they went about their week.


Tebow has always been passionate about using his social media reach to bring people to God and shared some interesting data on how students perceived themselves in this age of social media.


The NFL great told his fans in a video clip that God has made them unique and unlike anybody else on the world. He added that statistics say one-third of young people say they feel lonely almost all the time, and two-thirds say that they have no one in the world that believes.

He continued by saying that 4% of young people say they compare themselves with others. He gave a shocking stat that said in 2019, 50% of high school girls experienced critical forms of loneliness or sadness.

Tim Tebow added that these statistics do not prove that people need more friends but they need more worth. He told his fans to realize their worth, about how amazing God has made them be, and that they don’t have to change anything in themselves to be amazing.

He said that these statistics prompted him to write his new book, which is titled, “Mission Possible.” He said he was moved to write the book to help people find their purpose, and pursue it because he wants to help create lives that make a difference.


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