Tina Turner Said ‘Goodbye’ to Fans after ‘Sicknesses’ She Suffered — Her Husband Continues to Take Care of Her

Rock legend Tina Turner faced many health complications. The artist suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer, but her husband, Erwin Bach, was with her all the way. Her 2021 documentary “Tina” was her final farewell to her fans, but Turner remains happy despite her painful experiences.


Tina Turner, also known as the queen of rock and roll, has had one the longest spanning career of over five decades. Turner was a singing sensation of her time and brought a new sight to the rock genre.

The singer’s childhood was not easy. Her parents abandoned Turner as a child. But the entertainer moved to St Louis, where she reconnected with her mother and met Ike Turner, who would change her life in many ways.

Ike was a musician and the one who discovered and eventually built a career with Turner. According to En-Newsner, “A Fool for You” was the song that gained the singer fame and provided the opportunity to go on their first tour as “The Ike and Tina Turner Revue”.

The relationship between Ike and Turner reportedly started platonically, but eventually, the two became romantic, then husband and wife. En-Newsner reported that Ike encouraged Tuner to change her name as the singer’s career progressed.

In the beginning, the singer first made the scene as Anna Mae, but Ike reportedly changed it to Tina because of the star quality he saw in Turner. From the 1950s to the ’70s, Turner and Ike grew, but the singer decided to cut ties with Ike because of domestic abuse.

The singer reportedly needed to find her voice in music and started writing her songs. So Turner turned to her own lived experiences and released her hit song “Nutbush City Limits,” which was based on her life in her hometown, Nutbush.

By 1978, Turner divorced Ike, but their separation was not smooth. The singer confessed that she left the marriage without money or other assets besides her name.


Therefore, starting a career with limited funds was challenging for Turner, but her story continued, and her singing career grew. Turner’s solo career gave the public some of her biggest hits to this day, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Simply The Best.”

She went on to win eight Grammy Awards, three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. The singer was also elected into the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

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In 2008 Turner gave her fans the last of her magic with “Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour”, which sold the highest number of tickets in 2008-2009, reported En-Newsner. This was the last tour before Turner retired.

Tina Turner’s Health Problems

When Turner left the spotlight, she found love again and married her long-time boyfriend, Erwin Bach, in 2013. However, three weeks after her wedding, Turner was reported to have suffered a stroke that left her learning how to walk again, and she, fortunately, got back on her feet gain.

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However, just three years after suffering this life-threatening stroke, Turner revealed that she had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer, reported Express UK.

As stated by Express UK, intestinal cancer starts in the small intestine’s lining and then moves on to attack the digestive system.

The symptoms of this cancer also differ for each person but usually include blood in stool, a change in bowel movement, and back pain that feels like one needs to use the bathroom.

In Turner’s case, the singer revealed that she experienced no pain in her body. Nonetheless, the doctors discovered that the cancer was also in her colon and had attacked her kidneys.

Both her kidneys were gone entirely, reported Express UK. The singer was reportedly ready to kick the bucket, but her husband, Bach, said he did not want to lose another partner.

Turner needed a kidney transplant to survive, and luckily for the “Simply the Best” singer, she did not have to go through the long waiting list for a transplant because Bach donated one of his. The procedure was performed in 2017, stated En-Newsner.

Throughout her health issues, Bach was by Turner’s side. The rock legend even admitted that her husband brought her happiness that she thought she would never find after her abusive relationship with her first husband.

Tina Turner Says Goodbye to Her Fans Forever
In 2021 the documentary “Tina” was released. It was a chance for the rock legend to tell her whole life story. As stated by En-Newsner, Tina told Daily Mail that the documentary helped her discover the strength she had to survive some of the vilest situations.

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The singer said creating the documentary needed her to tap into that strength and encourage her to narrate her story and how hard she worked to live the life she knew she deserved.

The film received 1.1 million viewers well on the first day it became available in the US, stated En-Newsner. But Bach revealed that this documentary was special because it was Turner’s way of saying her final goodbye to her fans.

The film was a legacy that Turner left behind to inspire people to, firstly, never give up on their dreams and, secondly, show them that life can improve if you believe in yourself.

Turner’s life story proved that the artist did everything in her power to defy the odds of her environment. From growing up without her parents to experiencing domestic abuse, the rock legend came out to the top as a stronger and a more inspirational person.

Her contribution to the music industry will forever be cherished, and we wish Turner a life filled with peace and happiness. The singer will be turning 83 in November and we are lucky to have experienced her talent.


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