Toby Keith Laments Being Unable To Accept Lifetime Achievement Award Due To Cancer Battle

Country music legend Toby Keith took to social media this week to reveal upsetting news to his fans; he will not be able to travel to accept his lifetime achievement award at The SabesWings’ Second Annual Strike Out Fundraiser due to the treatments he is receiving for stomach cancer.

Since posting the video, he has been met with an outpouring of support from his loyal fanbase.

@musicmayhemmagazineToby Keith was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at The SabesWings’ Second Annual Strike Out Fundraiser in Paso Robles, CA and shared a virtual speech, accepting the honor.

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Keith ‘Sorry’ That He Can’t Accept Award

In a video posted to TikTok, Keith said that he was honored to be given the award, and that he laments not being able to accept it in person.

“I’m honored to accept the lifetime achievement award from SabesWings,” the 61 year-old singer said. “I’ve been through a crazy year dealing with cancer myself and was unable to attend the event and I’m sorry about that.”

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