10-year-old bravely delivers his own baby brother after mom goes into labor at home.. ❤?

10-year-old bravely delivers his own baby brother after mom goes into labor at home. Not only did Jayden heroically step up when his mom needed help delivering the breech baby – but he ended up saving their lives.

Not many kids can say that they’ve helped deliver a baby – let alone their very own brother. Well, one boy from Louisiana ended up with quite the story to tell after he did just that. The 10-year-old literally saved his mom and baby brother’s lives all with quick thinking and a calm demeanor.

Jaden Fontenot is a hero without a costume or cape. Courage doesn’t always need a mask.

Jayden’s mom, Ashley Moreau, was 34 weeks pregnant when she woke up one Friday morning to go to the bathroom. She rushed to pee and as she did so, her water broke. Her baby’s legs were dangling.

Unfortunately, Ashley’s fiancé had already left for work.

The only people at home were her children. 11-month-old daughter and her 10-year-old son. Ashley told KPRC 2:

“The scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

She called to Jaden who ran into the bathroom only to see his mom needing help with his unborn brother’s feet. Ashley says it didn’t look like her baby was breathing. In fact, the feet were purple. Jaden ran to his grandmother’s house where they called the police.

Where most people would panic or freak out, Jaden acted on instinct.
When Jaden returned to his home, he found his mother on the floor preparing to give birth. Ashley says he took a deep breath and asked her to tell him what to do and he would do it. What a guy.

Jaden wasn’t even close to being scared.

He was calm and very brave. Ashley told him that they had to get his brother out as soon as possible because he couldn’t breathe. Jayden didn’t want to lose his brother and mom.

He helped by gently pulling on his brother’s leg as Ashley pushed with whatever strength she had left. They continued this until the baby came out. His brother was not breathing.

Jayden ran into the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator to help clear the baby’s airways.

EMS finally arrived and helped mom and baby to the hospital. Doctors said that if Jayden hadn’t done what he did, his younger brother would have passed away from lack of oxygen and his mother from hemorrhaging during childbirth.

Ashley and her newborn were already at the hospital when her fiance, Kelsey Richard, got the news. He told KPRC 2:

“You don’t hear about things like this.” It’s amazing how brave he is and everything he was… calm, collective. He saved their lives, he is a hero.”

It is so impressive that even the spectators were amazed,

“Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and the young man there is an angel.”

Not everyone, not even adults, would react the way this brave young man did. He relied on instinct, using his head instead of freaking out to make sure both his mom and little brother would survive. And at ten years old too!

He is certainly a hero.

Jaden showed extraordinary courage and poise in dealing with a situation so serious that two lives depended on it. This could be the start of a very promising medical career. Or a caped crusader.

Jayden has an amazing story to tell his little brother one day, who will no doubt always look up to him. I mean, he helped deliver it after all.

Watch the video below to see an interview with grateful parents and a heroic 10-year-old!

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