Virginia Mom Is Blessed with Quintuplets before Christmas after Losing Two Babies: ‘Such a Blessing’

A family from Phoenix experienced lots of pain and sadness during their journey toward parenthood. It wasn’t easy, but they remained faithful and hopeful. They received a blessing beyond anything they could’ve imagined, just in time for Christmas!

Michael and Margaret Baudinet had their own struggles as many couples did. They wanted to be parents but faced challenge after challenge while trying to grow their little family.

The couple never anticipated their prayers for a baby would be answered in abundance, but that’s precisely what happened. Their story made history at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center!

A Long and Painful Journey

Margaret developed an unusual relationship with hope while trying to get pregnant. She tried to keep her expectations low because of past incidents.

She had suffered two miscarriages and learned not to get too excited about an unborn baby. In her experience, something disappointing always happened after she got her hopes up. Thankfully, her time of despair was coming to an end.

A team of 24 doctors and nurses was present when Margaret went into labor and got ready to deliver her babies—they made history on December 4, 2016.

The Unexpected News

The couple chose to pursue fertility treatments to assist them, and soon after, they received shocking news from their doctor—not only was Margaret pregnant, but she was expecting five babies.

They were thrilled, but the unexpected development overwhelmed them because they knew not all of the little ones would necessarily survive. Michael shared:

“When I found out, I was stunned and I don’t think I talked for about four weeks.”

Managing Their Excitement

The duo chose to keep all five babies and moved to Virginia, where multi-birth specialist Dr. John Elliott could provide the best care. He walked the couple through every detail and told them how they could have a successful pregnancy.

With his help and the assistance of the staff at St. Joseph’s, the couple felt ready for the significant milestone. Their dream of becoming parents was almost a reality, and they were delighted. Still, they limited their excitement. Margaret explained:

“I thought with five kids, maybe one would survive. We tried really hard to kind of manage our excitement until we thought we might actually have a family at the end of this.”

It Was a History-Making Birth

A team of 24 doctors and nurses was present when Margaret went into labor and got ready to deliver her babies—they made history on December 4, 2016.

During the hospital’s 121 years of existence, Ava, Clara, Camille, Luke, and Isabelle were the first-ever quintuplets. Born at 32 weeks, they spent some time in the NICU, but things went surprisingly well.

The medical team and the parents were thankful all of the children survived and couldn’t believe how routine Margaret’s Cesarean section was.

Their Christmas Miracle

Patty White, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s, was over the moon after the babies were delivered successfully. She revealed that the quintuplets were special to them, adding: “We call them our Christmas miracles.”

During their stay at the facility, Santa visited and got the family into the festive spirit. However, they didn’t need much to keep the love alive. They had so much to be grateful for, and Margaret expressed: “It’s such a blessing.”

They had all the presents they could ask for and couldn’t wait to start a life together with their five bundles of joy. The doting mother had one final message for anyone facing a similar experience:

“As one who has waited, please know God will bless each and every day you wait. Joy comes in the morning. This I know for sure.”

Margaret and Michael never stopped dreaming and believing their prayers would be answered. While things weren’t always easy for the couple, and life handed them seasons of disappointment, they trusted God and got their miracle during a magical time of the year.

May their story encourage everyone waiting for a blessing of their own and we wish their big family all the best and pray God grants them many happy years together.

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