WATCH: Joe Rogan Absolutely Unleashes on Woke “Comedian” Jimmy Kimmel for his Blatant Hypocrisy

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, America’s favorite podcaster, Joe Rogan, ripped into woke, unfunny comedian Jimmy Kimmel during a discussion on how wokeness destroys comedy. Speaking on that, Rogan first said:

“The problem with that kind of stuff is it continues to go in the same direction where more and more things become forbidden and toxic. To the point where, you know, the Elon Musk joking around about my pronouns are ‘prosecute/Fauci,’ Jimmy Kimmel made a tweet back to him, he said, ‘your pronouns are a**/hole,’ which is pretty funny.”

Continuing, Rogan said “And so then I read that and there’s people saying, ‘Please don’t joke about pronouns. It’s transphobic to joke about pronouns.’ So they were chiding him for participating in a joke about pronouns. … Yes, so they were upset at him, even though he was attacking the appropriate person, he was doing it in a manner which is also construed as being transphobic. Like, they were talking, they were saying that his tweet is transphobic.”

And Rogan wasn’t done there. Continuing the anti-woke smackdown, Rogan then brought up Kimmel’s past, particularly what he did on “The Man Show”.

Speaking on that, Rogan said, “I mean, he’s done some pretty outrageous s*** back in the day, you know, for hehes and hahas.”

What was that “pretty outrageous sh**”? Rogan got to that too, saying “He’s had a real problem with Elon from the beginning of this, but it’s like he’s in this leftist thought bubble, he’s in the most leftist thought bubble available, which is Hollywood. And, you know, I think also, you know, he famously, there’s some videos of him in blackface and those came out and he had apologized for them. And I think he took that hit and like really doubled down the other direction.”

Watch Rogan here:

Rogan isn’t the only comedian to sound off on wokeness destroying comedy. John Cleese did so as well in a recent interview with Reason magazine, saying that people sit around waiting to be offended and then ruin comedy by doing so. Here’s what Reason said about its interview with him and Cleese’s thoughts on wokeness:

Now 83, Cleese—who studied law at the University of Cambridge—has set his sights on political correctness, which he says is the enemy not only of humor but of creative thinking in all areas of human activity. “There are people sitting there who are deliberately waiting for the thrill of being offended,” he says, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to context, without which irony and sarcasm can’t be properly understood.

Explaining how wokeness ruins comedy, Cleese also said “Because it’s the internal interruption that I was talking about. You think of an idea and you immediately think: “Oooh, is that going to get me into trouble? Well, that person last Thursday got away with it.” But all that stuff immediately stops you being creative.”

So wokeness is destroying comedy. At least a few comedians are calling it out.

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