Wife Kicks Disabled Man and Stepson Out, Crawls to Him on Knees When She Ends Up in the Streets

When Ethan’s hand is amputated after a workplace accident, he loses his job. His wife kicks him out with his little son, underestimating how fate would make her beg for his help two years later.


Ethan was a respectable man. He was 30, charming, and loyal to his late wife, Emily, who passed a year ago due to cancer. “Nobody can take Emily’s place. It would take a lifetime to find such a kind woman,” he often thought and refused to find love again.

One day, Ethan and his two-year-old son Ryan were on their way home from the cemetery after commemorating Emily’s first death anniversary when he met a strange woman…

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“Miss…miss…Hey, are you okay?” He ran to her rescue. One of her shoe heels got stuck in the gap of a storm grate. The woman was embarrassed and had to discard her damaged footwear.

“I’m alright,” laughed the lady as she stood embarrassed without one shoe.

When you betray others, be prepared to be betrayed in return.
Ethan felt sorry for the helpless woman and offered her a ride. During this time, he introduced himself and learned that Pamela, the woman, was divorced and had no children.

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Ten minutes later…

“Thanks for putting yourself out for me…that means a lot!” she said, blushing as she got down in front of her house and slammed shut the car door.

Ethan assumed that was all, and just as he was about to leave with his son, Pamela appeared near his window and gave him her contact details. “Call me!” she said, blushing. That fateful evening, Ethan had no idea where this would lead him.

He and Pamela started meeting often. She loved cuddling with little Ryan and even helped babysit him when Ethan went to work. He was a lead carpenter in a private furniture company.

Gradually, Ethan fell for Pamela. He felt she would not just make a perfect wife but be the ideal stepmother to his little son. “My son needs a mom, and I cannot find anyone better than Pam,” he thought and immediately proposed marriage to her a few months later. Unsurprisingly, she agreed.

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Ethan and Pamela tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. They went on a honeymoon with their son and lived the best days of their lives for three years.

But a day after toasting their third wedding anniversary, Pamela made a strange request. She wanted to start a business and needed an investor. She could not think of anybody else other than Ethan for this.

“Honey, what I was thinking…Why don’t we sell this house? I’m sure I’ll have a huge turnover by the end of the next two quarters, and we can buy a bigger mansion…I promise to return your money,” she told Ethan.


He believed her and immediately readied the paperwork. He sold his house and invested in Pamela’s business. Then he took his son and moved into her little house out of town without anticipating the storm that was arriving in their lives.

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Everything appeared perfect until one day when Pamela got a call from Ethan’s office about a mishap. She hurried to the hospital, where the doctors told her: “We are sorry, Mrs. Turner. His right hand was severely wounded and had to be amputated.”

Ethan could no longer be normal or go to work after that, though he used a prosthetic hand. He lost his job and stayed home all the time, frustrating Pamela. She kept quiet and adjusted for the first three months following the incident, but she could no longer endure seeing Ethan idle.

“I have to cook, clean, and look after your annoying child,” she argued one day. “And then, I have to bring money to this house. Am I the man, or are you the man of this house? Why don’t you find a job soon instead of lying on the couch like a lazy idiot?”

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Pamela’s words disheartened Ethan. He never expected she would say this and argued: “But you promised to return the money I gave you, remember? I sold my house for you…I’m sure I’ll be able to start something new once I get my money back.”

This maddened Pamela. Two days later, Ethan returned home from church with his five-year-old son Ryan and saw their stuff thrown out. Their suitcases were lying outside, and the house was locked.

He learned that Pamela had booted them out of her house. “I am leasing my house. You and your son take your things and leave,” she told him.


“B-but Pam…where will we go? We have nowhere, and I sold my house for you,” Ethan exclaimed.

She replied: “I don’t care. It compensates for the trouble I went through to feed you and your stupid son for three months. Forget the house and forget me…I’ve found a nice partner and want to be happy. Goodbye and never come back. I’ll send you the divorce papers soon.”

Ethan was crushed, walking away with his little son. “Jesus, where will we go? We have nowhere to go and nobody to help us,” he cried.

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The dad and son arrived at the local metro station for shelter, and it started raining. Ethan wrapped his son in an old blanket and cried as passers-by stopped and wondered. But nobody asked him anything until a curious older woman stepped in.

“Young man, what happened? Why are you crying? I work at the counter. I have been watching you for a long time. You look worried. Is everything alright?” she asked him.

She took him to her room and gave him and Ryan a warm drink. Comforted by her kindness, Ethan told the woman, Doris, everything about him.

“….It was not my fault. I lost my ability to work after the accident. I feel like a loser. I don’t know how I’m going to raise my son,” he sobbed.

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Doris wiped his tears and said a few kind words that lightened his heart and motivated him never to give up.

“Son, true talent does not rely on one’s hands or legs to be successful. Determination and a heart to achieve are all you need to come up in life. Don’t give up just yet because you have a lot of work. You have an entire future staring back at you. How can you give up so easily? Get up and fight back. I’ll help you.”

Doris introduced Ethan to her son, Michael, who ran a furniture company in a neighboring town. He learned about Ethan’s unique carpentry skills and hired him as a manager. He and Ryan moved into the company’s staff quarters.

It took Ethan two years of steadfast devotion to his work to get back on his feet again. He became wealthy and could afford everything he once thought was far from his reach due to his disability.

Ethan and Ryan moved into their new, big mansion and lived the best days there. They forgot about Pamela and had no idea what she was up to until she arrived at their doorstep one day.

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“You? What are you doing here, and why have you come?” Ethan fumed at Pamela when she unexpectedly knocked on his door, begging for his help. It turned out that her new boyfriend had cheated on her and defrauded her.

“He took all my money and ran away. I sold my house after he promised to help me expand my business. But I lost both. I have nowhere to go…Then I found out about you. I need your help,” she cried, dropping to her knees.

Ethan thought deeply and said: “Look, all I can do is rent you a hotel room. And maybe hire a lawyer. But I cannot do anything else. You may leave now and meet me at my office tomorrow.”

Ethan slammed the door shut on a disappointed Pamela’s face. She stood there crying and banging on his door to let her in, but he refused. Ethan was determined not to trust her again to preserve the newfound peace and happiness in his life. He and Ryan never looked back at their past and had nothing to do with Pamela again.

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What can we learn from this story?

Compassion heals a broken heart. When Doris found Ethan and his son stranded at the metro station, she helped them with shelter and encouraged them never to give up.
When you betray others, be prepared to be betrayed in return. Pamela cheated on Ethan and kicked him out with his son. Ultimately, karma hit back when she landed on the street after her new boyfriend defrauded her and fled.


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