Woman Accidentally Breaks Son’s Ant Farm, Is Dazed to See Jewelry Falling Out – Story of the Day

Danny lost his father, and then in a short span of time, he lost his grandmother, whom he was close with. His stepmother, Lisa, never liked him, but she was all he had. After an incident with Danny’s ant farm, Lisa would learn a thing or two about how to treat people.

Danny was only ten years old when his father died, leaving him with his stepmother and grandmother to look after him. Danny and his father were close, so his death took a toll on the young boy.

Danny’s stepmother, Lisa, had always resented Danny because he wasn’t her child. Danny was from his father’s first wife, who passed away, and Lisa had always hoped to have children of her own. However, she was never able to conceive.

As a result of Lisa’s resentment of Danny, she didn’t play much of a role in raising the boy. His grandmother, however, was always there for Danny and loved him dearly.

Danny’s grandmother was a loving woman, and she and Danny were very close. She began to get ill, and after each visit to the hospital, she seemed to return worse than the last. Her doctors feared for the worse as her condition was not getting better.

Danny had just lost his father, so the thought of losing his grandmother was almost unbearable. His grandmother would always remind him of the importance of a good heart.

“It’s all about what’s in here, Danny,” she would say, pointing to his heart.

Danny’s grandmother eventually passed away. She left her house to Danny as an inheritance. Danny was completely distraught at her passing. She was the only mother Danny had ever known. He felt like an orphan, but he was grateful she had left him something to hold dear.

On the other hand, Lisa was absolutely fuming that his mother-in-law had left everything in the hands of Danny. She began to resent Danny a little more since then.

Lisa’s finances were a wreck because of the debts she’d accumulated from gambling. She would spend countless nights at the casino, and things were now dire. She needed some money from her mother-in-law’s estate.

She knew there was no way she could get the house from under Danny’s name, but she still had a plan to get something out of Danny’s grandmother’s inheritance.

Danny’s grandmother had a large collection of expensive jewelry, so Lisa figured she’d get the jewelry if she couldn’t have the house. She searched high and low, looking for the jewelry, turning the house upside down, yet finding nothing.

Danny noted Lisa’s odd behavior as she went about looking for the jewelry. He silently watched as she wrecked the house for a month straight, looking for the jewelry. Danny had always known about the jewelry and had secretly hidden it.

“That’s mine! Leave it!”

Years passed by, and Danny was now 18 years old. He was still living with his stepmother in his grandmother’s house. Lisa started to drink heavily because of her increased debts and would often harass Danny.

One day, the stepmother came home drunk. She could barely stand straight. She went into Danny’s room to talk to him and accidentally knocked an ant farm off the shelf. It fell to the floor and broke.

As Lisa stood in a drunken stupor, looking at the broken glass, sand, and scattering ants, she noticed something peculiar under the heap of sand. She bent down, put her hand in the sand, and pulled out a diamond necklace. Danny suddenly jumped out of bed, furious.

“That’s mine! Leave it!” Danny said, coming up to take the jewelry away.

“You never loved grandma! You’ve never cared much for me, either. You get drunk and then walk into my room at odd hours, spewing insults. What have I ever done to you? Huh?”

“You’ve been hiding the jewelry from me this whole time? The nerve!” Lisa slurred, holding tight to the jewelry as Danny approached..

“The nerve of who? Me or you?” Danny said, standing his ground.

“You talking back at me?” Lisa said, still swaying back and forth in her imbalance. Danny said nothing.

“Where did you get the jewelry?” Lisa asked.

“Grandma gave them to me before she died. She said this jewelry is only meant to be adorned by good people,” Danny said.

“Huh?! What are you trying to say, boy?” Lisa barked.

“You never loved grandma! You’ve never cared much for me, either. You get drunk and then walk into my room at odd hours, spewing insults. What have I ever done to you? Huh?” Danny snapped back.

“Don’t you raise your voice at me in my house!” Lisa replied.

“No! It’s not your house! It’s mine… Now, get out!” Danny said, pointing to the door.

“What?” Lisa asked.

“I said, get out! This house is under my name. I want you out now! Drop the necklace, pack your stuff, and leave!” Danny yelled.

“Who do you think you’re talking to? Bring your phone here! You’re grounded!” Lisa retorted.

“I’m not a child anymore. I’m eighteen, and this property is legally mine. Get out, Lisa!” Danny repeated.

“Danny? You can’t be serious. Son, please,” Lisa said, now pleading.

“No, you don’t get to call me that. Not once have you treated me like a son. Not once! You’ve hated me since the day you laid eyes on me. Get out! I don’t want to ever see you again,” Danny said in tears.

Danny kicked Lisa out of the house; from that day, he was on his own. He got himself a job at the local cinema, where he met a girl. They had a little fling which eventually turned into something serious. They got engaged, and she moved in with Danny, and for the first time in a long time, he felt truly loved again.

What can we learn from this story?

Be careful how you treat people. Lisa’s ill-treatment of Danny eventually led to her being kicked out of the house and not inheriting a cent from her mother-in-law.
Being hurtful and petty doesn’t pay off. Lisa’s ill-treatment of Danny did her no good in the end. If she had been kinder to him and treated him as a son, he would have been able to help her with her debts.

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