Woman becomes “Daughter” to a lonely Veteran. Before his Demise in 2020, she receives a note.

A strong bond can form between absolute strangers, and it can change both their lives for the better. Sometimes it is enough just to give a helping hand. That was the scenario of friendship between Mr. Nathaniel Hudson and Brooke O’Bryant.


After helping a complete stranger, Brooke, 37 y.o., developed a close bond with him, the woman didn’t even realize it at first. When Mr. Hudson met Brook for the first time, he was a lonely man, who needed help and care. He had no family or friends.

The story began on December 20, 2018. Brooke’s phone rang, the local hospital called. A health care worker told her, that there was an elderly man, who she needed to check, because his living conditions were horrible, and he needed care immediately. In an interview for Love What Matters, Brooke confessed, “I had no idea at the time, that by the hand of God my life line would intersect with this kindest soul. That acquaintance had a profound impact on his life as well as mine.”

Brooke drove to Mr. Hudson’s apartment. When she came in, she was horrified at the conditions in which he lived. But the furnishings didn’t matter, when she scrutinized Mr.Hudson. He looked vigorous and was elegantly dressed. Brook couldn’t help but made him a compliment with a wide smile on her face.

At the time, Brooke was working as a marketing professional at the North River Village Assisted Living. She gave Mr. Hudson a tour of the community, and the man was pleased with what he saw. During the annual Christmas concert, Nathaniel even danced for the residents and staff of the community, it was such a delight for everyone.


Soon the hospital staff received a note from Mr. Hudson, it was short, it said “Brook is my everything.”

After a while, Nathaniel returned home, but because of health problems he had to spend some more time in the hospital. And when Nathaniel was discharged on April 4, 2019, Brooke brought him back to North River Village, where he was made an official resident of the community.

As time passed, Brooke and Nathaniel became real friends, and a strong bond developed between them. Mr. Hudson was bathed in attention and care, and he often received gifts from the staff and sponsors of the institution. These included clothes, decorative items, books, anything that would make him feel better at his new place of living.


Brooke cared for Nathaniel as if he was her own father. She was helping him with his bills, mail, phone, dry cleaning, doctor’s check-ups, and even meals. Nathaniel was touched and began to affectionately call her “boss” in front of others. Mr. Hudson even went to church with Brooke’s family.

She said the services were accompanied by Mr. Hudson’s light dancing, people couldn’t hold their smiles, and their hearts melted. Brooke confessed that at such moments she was happy to hold Nathaniel’s hand. According to Brooke, Mr. Hudson was happy to make new acquaintances, play sports and play games. He had a hopeless craving for romance and a great desire to find a soul mate. But, unfortunately, this happiness did not last long…

Soon Mr. Hudson had health problems again, and the terrible diagnosis of cancer was pronounced. Nathaniel refused to make any important decisions without first talking to Brooke.
Thanks to a note written by Hudson, the hospital staff knew that “Brooke was everything to him.” When Mr. Hudson was discharged from the hospital, he made Brooke his confidant. Nathaniel met his death with an Amazing Grace song, his voice was heard throughout the institution.

Brooke genuinely loved Hudson. She organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for his funeral. In the end, the amount raised was even more than needed. Brooke was very grateful to all those who responded and helped her raise money so quickly.
Many donors were impressed by this story. They left heartfelt comments and wishes for the late Mr. Hudson. One commenter wrote, “This is a very touching story. It’s great that Brooke was able to take care of Mr. Hudson. I’d like to believe he’s certainly smiling and dancing in heaven.”

Another commenter wrote: “May God bless you and Nathaniel. Eternal rest to him in heaven beside God.”

There is no doubt that Brooke O’Bryant and Nathaniel Hudson’s story is unique, it is impressive in its kindness.


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