Woman Finds Newborn Baby Crying In A Suitcase Near Dumpster, Police Offer To Adopt Him

On a quiet Saturday morning in September 2019, a woman in Arlington, Texas, was taking out her trash when she heard the sound of a baby crying.


The woman approached the dumpster at her apartment complex and realized the muffled cries were coming from a zipped suitcase placed near the garbage.


When she opened it up, she was absolutely horrified.

Inside the closed suitcase was an abandoned newborn baby boy — born four to six weeks premature, and just about two hours old at the time.


A sanitation worker was supposed to use the trash compactor that morning. But in a twist of fate, the employee happened to be late to work that day.

Authorities quickly began an investigation, but they couldn’t figure out who abandoned the beautiful newborn baby, whom they nicknamed “Jason.”

Watch the video to see how this shocking story unfolded … and what the police department had in mind for baby Jason.


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