Woman rescues baby elephant – now he follows her everywhere

There are too many incidents where wildlife is being taken from their natural habitat and exploited for human gain; the numbers of animals threatened with extinction keeps going up.


It can be depressing to think of all the people who think the world’s wildlife belongs to them and is just there for the taking.

But thankfully there are people who are prepared to turn their whole world upside down to save our beautiful wildlife, in more ways than one.

Meet animal hero Roxy Danckwerst who has been caring for sick and orphaned animals for the last two decades. Her latest addition is Moyo, a baby elephant, who has taken over the rescue center and home of Roxy.


Moyo, meaning ‘of the heart,’ was found by rangers after she was left abandoned on the shores of Lake Kariba, in Zimbabwe. She was only a few days old when she had tried to cross a flooded river with her elephant family and got washed away.

He was taken to Roxy’s rescue center in Harare called Wild is Life where he has taken to his new surroundings and follows Roxy wherever she goes. Not the most convenient living situation as Moyo weighs 123 pounds.


Slept by his side every night
Roxy has nursed and rehabilitated many baby elephants before releasing them back into the wild but Roxy will take a bit longer as he’s frightened of everything and sick too, according to Go Animals.

Animal rescuer Roxy even slept by his side every night until she gained his trust. Now the two are inseparable and he follows her everywhere, even lying next to her on the couch.

See these two adorable souls together and Moyo’s love for all things silver in the clip below from BBC show ‘Nature’s Miracle Orphans.’

It’s going to be heartbreaking for these two when Moyo is ready to be released into the wild but Roxy knows this is for the best.

Please share to pay tribute to Roxy and her team, they are true animal heroes.


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