Woman sleeps every night with her sick husband in the hospital, wakes up and sees a bouquet of roses in her hands – Story of the Day

A faithful wife sleeps every night by her sick husband’s bedside and is confused when she wakes up one morning to find a bouquet of roses in her hand and has no idea how it got there.

“It’ll be fine, darling…” Jenna whispered, stroking Dominic’s palm. “I’ll bake your favorite cake and we’ll watch movies together when we get home. Everything will be fine.”

Then Jenna put her pillow and blanket on the chair in Dominic’s hospital room and fell asleep admiring her husband’s face…

Dominic and Jenna were one of the couples that we consider a “match made in heaven”. In their 52 years of marriage, they had experienced many ups and downs together and had been the rock in the rough times. Who would have thought that a coffee date would turn into 52 years of togetherness and raising a wonderful family of two boys who grew up, got married and moved out?

After their kids moved out, Dominic and Jenna only had each other’s company, and they enjoyed that. Every Valentine’s Day morning, Jenna received flowers in bed, and on her anniversary, Dominic took her out to a lovely dinner at the restaurant where they met – right across the street from her college.

Jenna and Dominic danced to jazz music in the restaurant and kissed passionately. They celebrated another year of togetherness and promised to spend many more years together. Unfortunately, one year it was all over.

Dominic was diagnosed with a heart condition that required surgery. The doctors put him on bed rest and Jenna worried about how much time they had left. Dominic was 88 and Jenna was 85. That’s when you start fearing the worst.
When Dominic was taken to the hospital, Jenna had a pillow and blanket with her in her car because she didn’t want to leave Dominic in the hospital and come home. She would be there for him all the time.

True love is both inspirational and sweet.
“And you can’t convince me otherwise, Doc!” Jenna fought with the hospital staff. They weren’t allowed to let her in Dominic’s room because it was against hospital policy.

“He’s my husband!” she said stiffly. “Who are you to separate us when we have promised to be together in sickness and in health! I’ll stay with him! Do you understand that?”

“Ma’am,” the doctor sighed helplessly. “You don’t understand. We can’t let that happen. And it’s not just about one night…we can’t let you stay with the patient every night.”

“Doctor Ferguson, I think we can,” a nurse interrupted abruptly. Jenna noticed her name on the name tag. It read, “Merelyn P.”

“One moment, ma’am…”

Merelyn took the doctor aside and spoke to him. Eventually he allowed Jenna to stay in Dominic’s room.

“Please continue, ma’am,” she said, smiling. “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Thank you, my love,” Jenna replied, smiling back. “I will never forget your favor. Thank you…”

From then on, Jenna slept in Dominic’s room at the hospital. Every night she held his hands, said a short prayer and kissed his forehead before retiring to the armchair.

And before she fell asleep, she admired her husband’s face and thanked God for giving them the strength to get through the difficult days.

“Please protect him, dear God,” she whispered one night, holding his hands. “He and my children mean everything to me…”

Luckily, the Lord answered Jenna’s prayers and Dominic’s surgery was successful. He would be released soon. Little did Jenna know what a surprise awaited her…

On the day of Dominic’s discharge from the hospital, Jenna woke up earlier than usual and felt that something was in her hands.

“Oh dear, honey, have I been holding your hand all night?” she whispered, half asleep, thinking it was Dominic’s hand. Then it dawned on her that it wasn’t.

“What is that? It smells like roses… Is that a rose?” she wondered while searching for her glasses.

Putting them on, Jenna was surprised. She actually had a bouquet of roses in her hand. “Oh, where did I get that from?”

Jenna turned the bouquet in her hands several times, but found nothing that would tell her who got it for her. She put the flowers on the table next to Dominic’s bed and noticed a letter there.

“For Mrs. Lancaster,” it said on top. Surprised, Jenna opened the letter and read it.

“Dear Mrs. Lancaster,

I hope you liked the flowers. It is a humble stamp to say thank you for the wonderful woman you are to your dear husband. Mr. Lancaster is very fortunate to have you for his wife. No one will claim otherwise 🙂

(The truth is that he wanted to give you something to thank you for staying with him in the hospital. He asked me for help and after seeing you I thought that a lovely lady like you had beautiful flowers earned.)

Honestly, you two remind me of my late grandparents. My grandma was just like you. She fought with everyone and everyone for my grandfather. Watching you argue with the doctor that day reminded me of my own grandma. I will miss you and Mr Lancaster.

I wish Mr. Lancaster good health and many happy years together with you.

In love,

– Merelyn.”

“Oh dear…” Jenna smiled through her tears. “You are a lovely girl, Merelyn. Thank you, sweetheart.”

Jenna kissed her husband who was sleeping and whispered a thank you to him as well. And before leaving the hospital, she met Merelyn and gave her a warm hug. “God bless you, sweetheart,” she said. “I was delighted to receive the flowers. Thank you for the thoughtful gift.”

What can we learn from this story?

In this day and age, couples like Jenna and Dominic are rare, but they do exist. Jenna and Dominic are a couple who genuinely love each other and are there for each other through thick and thin.
True love is both inspirational and sweet. Merelyn was inspired by Jenna’s caring for Dominic and it brought back memories of her grandparents.

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