Woman Steals Daughter’s Inheritance Left by Rich Grandmother, Declares Bankruptcy Years Later

A mother secretly funded her lavish lifestyle using her daughter’s inheritance. Not a penny belonged to her, but she didn’t shy away from robbing her child of her rightful wealth. Years later, karma brings the aged mother to the road.

When a mother thought she’d simply get away with robbing her daughter of her rightful inheritance, she overlooked the bomb of negative consequences that fell on her later.

Redditor nthing2seehere lost her grandmother when she was 16. The grandma was a hardworking lady who ran her upholstery business for 50 years. When she neared her end of days, she got down to some serious decisions about the rightful heirs of her inheritance. Eventually, the wealth was sliced up, sparking a legacy war.

The Original Poster (OP) ’s mother was the middle child. OP was well aware of her mom and grandma’s clash, and she also guessed how her mother would react on knowing how much or how little she inherited.

OP’s mother wouldn’t settle for an average share. She dreamed big and wanted a considerable share than the others in the family. However, OP’s grandma didn’t abide by her desires and knew what she needed to do.

As a practical lady, the grandma decided to give out her assets based on which child and grandchild would benefit the most in the long run. Amidst the thoughtful process, she didn’t allow herself to be influenced by anyone, not even OP’s mother.

When the grandma died a few years ago, the will was announced and OP’s mom got her mother’s heirloom jewelry since she was obsessed with ornaments. OP’s brother got the delivery van from the old lady’s business. Since he was a part of a band, she thought he needed one for touring.

Finally, investing a lot of thought in OP’s future, OP’s grandmother set up an education trust for her worth $30K. This infuriated OP’s mother who lashed out at her, saying her college fund was worth more than the jewelry and delivery van.

She claimed it was unfair, but OP argued that her grandmother had the right to split her assets the way she wanted.

While everyone settled with their respective shares, OP didn’t realize her mother had a wicked plan brewing in mind.

Two years later, OP landed her second semester of freshman year in college. During this time, she received several scholarships that paid for her tuition, while the money in her trust rested safely for her future expenses.

When OP turned 18, she asked her mother about obtaining access to her fund to control it herself. Her mom came out with a shocking confession that jolted her senses. She vaguely told her that the trust was empty and she would get nothing from it. OP was startled and saw her entire future on a cliffhanger.

OP’s mom was a math professor, and she actively encouraged her daughter to take tuitions in her class. At the time, OP was still in high school, and she took some classes to leap into college. Since she was a faculty’s daughter, her tuition expenses were cut to $25 a credit hour.

OP couldn’t be more delighted to see how her mother paid a considerable price for robbing her inheritance.

This is where her mom’s wily plan came into play. She obtained the actual bills for each course OP took and withdrew the funds from her trust. She drained all the money before OP landed in college and scholarships. The teen was alarmed and confronted her mother.

OP demanded her money back, and that’s when her mom came clean about the property she’d bought to build her dream house. She told OP how this house would benefit her in the long run.

The daughter was devastated, but she had no money to drag her mom to court. So she decided it would be best to move out and cut her mom out of her life except for occasional holidays.

OP got a job and moved into her new apartment. She never looked back at her mom, and left her to come to terms with the adverse effects of her deeds.

Five years later, her mom had built her so-called dream which crushed OP. But a few months later, OP was delighted when she heard the news of her mom’s sudden downfall.

It turned out that her mother never paid any taxes on the money she’d swiped from the trust. She never paid any property taxes, either for the land or the house. After a lengthy legal battle, OP’s mom was forced to sell her once overestimated $700K house to a mere $220K settlement.

Even then, she was drowning in construction and tax debts, estimated to be around $250K in total. With no ‘dream house’ and $30K debt left to be paid, OP’s mother declared bankruptcy.

She moved into a moderate apartment and settled her debts for the next few years. She eventually retired, had no savings, and still blamed the entire world for her mistakes. OP was delighted, and as soon as she posted her experience online, she couldn’t believe the reaction.

Redditor snortzilla shared a similar experience. “I go through periods when my parents are nicer, and I forget the stuff they’ve done. They took my trust fund coincidentally,” the user recounted, adding:

“I never graduated after multiple attempts primarily from lack of finances, working 40-hour weeks.”

The person’s dad obtained a loan through her sister’s second mortgage. He never repaid them and was happily retired on a half-million-dollar property. In response, OP stated she was glad she wasn’t controlled by her mother anymore.

OP couldn’t be more delighted to see how her mother paid a considerable price for robbing her inheritance. She never revisited her mom though she occasionally took her calls for old times’ sake.

Questions to Ponder:

How would you react to knowing your parent/family member ripped you off your rightful inheritance?

In OP’s case, she decided to cut ties with her mother completely and relied on herself to work towards her future. Many commended her for that. If you were in OP’s shoes, betrayed by your own mother, would you do the same?

Some people advised OP to sue her mom. Do you think it will help OP retrieve her money? What is your opinion?

The money war sparked when OP’s mother spent her daughter’s rightful inheritance without her consent. It was OP’s money, and it was set aside for her education. Some people advised OP to sue her mom for ripping off her college fund behind her back. Would you sue your family/parent if you were OP? Or would you forgo their deceit and still stay in terms with them?

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