‘You Deserve Only Leftovers from a Dump,’ Rich Boy Mocks Poor Classmate, Begs Him for Food Week Later – Story of the Day

A boy too proud of his wealth insults his poor classmate until karma humbles him. A week later, he learns his lesson the hard way and ends up begging the poor boy for food.

“You deserve only leftovers from a dump! Got it?” Sean screamed at Johnny, who was crying in front of Sean and his friends on the classroom floor.

“Ple – please let me go,” he sobbed. “Why do you always pick on me?”

The boys laughed. “That’s because you deserve it, Johnny!” said Sean. “You’re just a stupid nerd! You don’t deserve to study in the same school as us! This place is not meant for someone poor like you!”

“I need to go, please!” Johnny begged again, but Sean wasn’t done ridiculing him. He and his friends kept calling Jonny names until a teacher caught them.

All the students were taken to the principal’s office, where the principal phoned their parents.

“I can’t believe this!” Sean’s father was furious when he arrived at the school. “Did you bully someone? How can…I’m sorry, Mr. Fletcher,” he said to the principal. “Please call Johnny. Sean will apologize to him right now!”

“But dad—”

“Not another word, Sean! Do as I say!”

Sean saw his father’s angry eyes and wouldn’t dare argue. He did as he said.

“It – it’s ok,” Johnny said, still scared of Sean after the boy was forced to apologize.

Sean’s father gently patted Johnny’s head and said, “You’re an incredible child, Johnny. I wish Sean was like you. I heard you work at a farm to help your family. That’s wonderful! Don’t be scared ok,” he whispered in his ears. “I’ll see that Sean doesn’t bother you again.”

Johnny nodded and thanked him quietly.

Once home, Sean’s father told him that he wouldn’t get his monthly allowance and wouldn’t be allowed to use the internet or play video games for an entire month.

“Come on, dad! Are you doing this just because I showed Johnny where he belonged? He’s a scholarship student. That loser can’t even pay his fees!”

“And you’re so dumb that I have to fund your tuition, which isn’t cheap, Sean!” his father retorted. “How about that? Watch what you say, young man!”

Karma knows how to humble the spoiled and arrogant.
Sean didn’t say anything after that. He realized he’d made a HUGE mistake. But there wasn’t much he could do now but behave and prove that he had changed. But would he really change?

A week later, when Johnny left the classroom, Sean followed him. Johnny was scared and ran to save himself, but Sean caught up with him and grabbed his backpack from behind.

“Please let me go!” cried Johnny. “Please, I—”

“Can you please get me something to eat?” Sean requested. “Please?”

“What?” asked Johnny, shocked. “You’re hungry? You don’t want to tease me? Really?”

Sean nodded. “Dad forbade mom from cooking for me. I’ve got no money to buy food coz I didn’t get my pocket money this month. Please help me, Johnny. I’m sorry I bullied you.”

Johnny gave him an encouraging smile. “Gran makes lunch for me every day. Want to join?”

“Yes! Thanks, man!”

So Sean had lunch at Johnny’s house, and while it wasn’t very fancy, he appreciated it. “I tried cooking a week ago, and I was so horrible,” Sean admitted. “I’m sick of looking for a part-time job. My friends are such losers! They didn’t help me when I needed it!”

“Well, you could work on the farm, but I don’t think it’s something you’d like,” Johnny suggested.

“I could try…” Sean said hesitantly. “How bad can it be?”

To put it mildly, it was a disaster. When Sean initially saw what the farm was like, he refused to work there, but then he realized that he hadn’t been able to find work anywhere else.

He held up the shovel with literally only two fingers and a thumb to clean the stinking animal waste, all while holding his nose. And while trying to milk the cow, the agitated animal knocked him to the ground.

“How do you do this every day?” a tired Sean asked Johnny, who smiled and said, “It won’t be tiring if you grow to love the animals and enjoy spending time with them.”

But how would Sean enjoy it? When he went to pick the eggs, the chicken attacked him and knocked him down onto the prickly hay. He cracked more eggs than he could collect.

The first day at the farm wasn’t bad for Sean. It was worse. It seemed like the animals hated him. But Sean didn’t give up.

With Johnny’s help and a little more patience with the furry buddies, he learned how to do things properly. He learned to milk the cow gently, clean the animal manure without fuss, carefully collect the eggs, and clean the farm. Most importantly, he learned to admire Johnny and the hardworking boy he was.

One day, they were working at the farm when Johnny learned his mom had been hospitalized. She’d been in an accident at her factory and needed surgery to be able to walk again.

Johnny was in the hospital, sobbing. “How will we help, mom, grandma? We don’t have money.”

“Believe in the Lord, honey,” his grandmother said. “We’ll get through this.”

And well, the Lord helped them. Sean and his father visited the hospital and offered to pay for Johnny’s mom’s surgery.

“Oh, but that’s a lot of money, sir,” Johnny’s grandma told Sean’s father. “We can’t take it.”

Sean’s father smiled. “It pales in comparison to what Johnny did for my son. Johnny changed him…made him a boy who wants to help a needy friend. Sean and Johnny have made me very proud. Please allow me to do this.”

In the end, Sean’s father paid for Johnny’s mother’s surgery, and Sean and Johnny became friends. Sean now protects Johnny from the bullies, having learned that mocking someone because of their background or social status is a terrible thing to do.

What can we learn from this story?

Never judge a book by its cover. Sean learned it the hard way when his dad canceled his monthly allowance, and he ran out of money. Except for Johnny, no one came to his aid.
Karma knows how to humble the spoiled and arrogant. Sean was a spoiled rich kid who quickly realized his mistakes when he had to work to earn money.

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