‘You’ll never Get Job, Poor Orphan’ Rich Boy Mocks Classmate, Later He Comes with CV to Her Office – Story of the Day

A boy is too proud of his wealth and insults a poor orphan girl, saying she’ll never get a job. Years later, the tables are turned, and he comes to her office with his CV.


“Why is God not fair? Do bad things only happen to good people?”

12-year-old Tina often asked herself such questions. The little girl had lost her parents years ago in a car crash, and her poor grandmother, Edith, had been raising her alone since then.

Edith always told Tina that God is fair and doesn’t forgive wrong. But Tina’s little heart didn’t believe in it. Because her classmates called her names and made her cry, but they weren’t punished for it.

Also, all those bad kids had parents, whereas God had taken away Tina’s long ago. Not to mention, the students who taunted her were wealthy, whereas Tina was not. She didn’t dress up like them or wear fancy shoes and clothes. She wore the dresses Edith sewed her.

One day, Tina was eating lunch when some kids surrounded her table.

“Take your shoes off!” yelled a boy, approaching her. He was Tina’s classmate, and his name was Steve. He came from a wealthy family, hated studies, and bullied innocent children. Tina had become his new target.

“Go away!” Tina cried. “I don’t want to take my shoes off!”

“Oh, is it?” Steve laughed. Then he took his water bottle from his backpack and emptied it on Tina’s head.

Tina’s eyes were red and filled with tears, and the kids all started laughing at her.

“Don’t ever refuse me again,” Steve warned her. “Did you get that?”

“I HATE YOU!” Tina screamed. “One day, I’ll be very rich, an…and,” she started crying.” I will get a good job because I work hard. You will…”

“Get what?” Steve burst out laughing. “You’ll never get a job, poor orphan!” he told her. “At best, you’ll be cleaning toilets like the school janitor!”

Ten years passed. Steve was sitting at the bus stop with his head in his hands. He was struggling.

Be the bigger person: help and forgive.

As the bus arrived, Steve took a seat, and eventually, he was lost in his thoughts.


Eight months ago, Steve’s parents, Cindy and Merton, were involved in a car crash on their way home from a friend’s party. Merton died before he could reach the hospital, and Cindy was admitted after suffering severe injuries.

All their money was spent on Cindy’s treatment and debts, but it wasn’t enough. When the money ran out, Steve was at a loss for what to do to assist his mother.

Being careless in life cost Steve, and he was now jobless and drowned in loans. He had to drop out of college and start looking for a job.

“Excuse me, young man. You ain’t getting down?” a piercing voice distracted Steve’s thoughts.

He looked out of the window and realized his stop had arrived. He got down and headed to the company’s building, where he’d applied for a cleaner’s job.

“Where should I go next?” he asked someone at the entrance, who directed him to a room on the second floor.

As Steve entered the room, he was surprised to see the woman standing by the window. It wasn’t long before he realized she was Tina. She was busy talking on the phone, but when she noticed him at the door, she hurriedly hung up.

“Yes?” she asked him.

“Tina? Are you here for the job too?” he asked, and a smile slowly appeared on Tina’s lips. “Steve?! It’s been a long time, Jesus!”


“Yeah,” he said hesitantly. “Are you also here for the job? Do you know anything about the boss? To be honest, I’m a little nervous.”

Tina smiled. “If you don’t mind, could I have a look at your CV?”

“Oh, yes, why not,” he said, giving her the file. Then he was shocked by the nameplate on the table behind her. It said, “Tina M, CEO.”

“Could you kindly take a seat, Steve?” she said suddenly, and Steve obliged.

“It appears you’re in a bit of trouble, Steve…I saw the resume,” she said. “What I’m curious about now is what happened…why you’re here in this condition. Look, my company takes every employee very seriously, and I personally interview them. Since you’re an old classmate, I am genuinely concerned you’re here like this. What happened?”

“I need the job,” Steve begged her. “My father died, my mother is in the hospital, and we have a lot of debt to pay off. It’s difficult, please.”

“I was in your shoes not long ago, Steve,” Tina continued. “I was cleaning rich people’s houses and sleeping wherever I could…Grandma died suddenly. But see how things turned out. Don’t give up hope. I’ll help you.”

“Looks like we’ve switched places,” he said quietly. “Haven’t we?”

“No, we haven’t,” Tina replied, and Steve looked at her, puzzled. “If I switched places with you, I’d be ridiculing you. I haven’t forgotten those insults, Steve. They sort of helped me reach where I am today. You see, God is fair, and I don’t want to be unfair in his eyes, so I’ll help you. You’re hired, and I’ll cover your mother’s treatment, but it will be deducted from your monthly paycheck in installments. Hope that works?”

Steve’s eyes filled up with tears. He felt so embarrassed.

“Sorry,” he finally managed to say. “I regret what I did in the past. I am sorry.”

Tina smiled and said, “I forgave you long ago, Steve. I don’t hold grudges. Say sorry to yourself, put in the effort, and get your life back on track. Your mom will appreciate it,” she added with a kind smile. And Steve agreed. He’d been through enough to realize what he’d done in the past was wrong.

What can we learn from this story?

Be the bigger person: help and forgive. Despite his ridicule, Tina forgave Steve and helped him by hiring him.

God is fair, and he doesn’t let wrongdoings slide. Steve mocked Tina, saying she’d never get a job. But years later, the tables were turned.

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