Young mom battling stage IV cancer prays for strength after 4-year-old son is also diagnosed

It really is true that good health and well being are priceless commodities. Money can buy many things in this world, but a lot of us sadly realize too late that there are some things that it can’t help with.


Cancer has long been a blight on society, an illness that’s claimed the lives of so many. Almost everyone you’ll meet has been affected in some way or another – if not personally then when forced to watch as a loved one or friend suffers.

Yet few have faced the unimaginable pain that one Pennsylvania family is trying to process after two of its members – a mother and her son – were diagnosed with cancer in a short space of time.

As per reports, Nicole Roche, wife and mom of three children, went public with her stage IV cancer diagnosis three months ago.

That was bad enough, setting her family up for a trying period of uncertainty. Yet they weren’t done with bad news, sadly.

Nicole’s son Wesley, 4, was rushed to the ER last month after suffering pain in his stomach. There, it became apparent that the young boy had a large, cancerous tumor in his kidney.

On September 3, Nicole took to Facebook to open up about her family’s trying journey so far.


“Nothing [God] does is without purpose,” Roche wrote, while simultaneously revealing Wesley’s diagnosis.

“God loves our son more than I ever could with my human heart, and He has a plan for both of us, and He has designed it this way for us to walk the road together.”

The brave mom concluded: “I didn’t choose this, but I’m ready for it, I accept it, and I surrender to it.”

According to reports, Wesley has been dealing with a great amount of pain in recent times. As Nicole explained, she could never have anticipated that she would have to watch one of her children go through the same battle she is facing, especially not at the same time.

“Exactly two months ago today, I made the decision to go public with my cancer diagnosis and actively share my story, no matter which direction it went,” Nicole wrote.


“I felt deeply that this diagnosis was a much larger part of my life story, and not something to be hidden.”

sley was reportedly taken to the ER after experiencing stomach pains. When his cancer was discovered, he was rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he underwent immediate surgery to remove the tumor.

“He will have to go through conventional treatment after that: six rounds of chemo and radiation,” Roche wrote. “Our family’s story will now track the healing and recovery of two of its members instead of one.”

She added: “I know Wesley is a strong boy and will recover. But as I rest in that peace, I also am absolutely floored by the strange, surreal nature of it all. I’ve almost been feeling out of body lately, just completely awestruck that this is reality.”

In a recent post, Nicole admitted that she’s using her son’s bravery as a source of inspiration.

“Wes is so much braver than I have been,” she said.

“He makes me want to be strong like him and face my own treatment with more bravery. I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable with needles, ports, chemo, radiation … any of it. But if my baby is about to walk that road, then I will walk with him. I’ll be as brave as I can for him. He deserves that from me.”

A GoFundMe has been launched to help Nicole’s family in their coming struggles with cancer. At the time of writing, it has raised over $47,000.

We’re sending all our strength and love in the direction of Nicole and her son.

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