“You’re Making Movies for…China”: Actor SHREDS Woke Hollywood in Blistering Statement [WATCH]

Anthony Mackie is the actor who made his debut in a movie called 8 Mile, a semi-biographical film about Eminem, and then became famous for his role in the Marvel: Avengers movies as “Falcon.”

Well, in a recently resurfaced clip from 2017, Mackie unloads on Hollywood for the trashy sort of movies it is putting out nowadays, saying that Hollywood only really produces movies for 16-year-olds and Red China.

Watch him rip into Hollywood here:

As you can hear in the clip, Mackie rips into Hollywood and the trash it’s now pumping out.

Beginning, he explains what movies used to be like, saying:

Going into the movies used to be an experience. It used to be a family affair used to be an event. Whereas now, you know if people will go see movies just because they said is going to be number one.

Continuing, he went on to explain what changed and why, saying that superhero movies have displaced action movies and Hollywood has pushed that even further by only making movies for teenagers and the Red Chinese market. In his words:

Now you go see X Men.

So the evolution of the superhero has meant the death of the movie star.

And that’s the fear now because you’re now making movies for 16 year olds, and China.

And that’s it. You think of some of your favorite movies growing up, those movies wouldn’t get made today. Goonies wouldn’t get made today. Halloween. wouldn’t get made today. Thing wouldn’t get made today.

Continuing, he said that the studios are now making movies for specific audiences rather than just trying to make good movies that people enjoy, saying:

In all of them you want you watch Stranger Things on Netflix. Has anybody ever seen Stranger Things? Stranger Things is Goonies is everything. It’s Goonies. Three kids go on a mission on underground in the alien kill alien glues. Even when they found the little dark world where the alien was they went down this line.

So it’s just it’s a different time now to business. They make movies for specific audiences, as opposed to just making good movies. And that’s why people stopped going to the movies because most of the movies suck.

But Mackie isn’t blameless here, as Louder with Crowder noted, saying:

Ironic comments for a man who, since he made them, has assumed the role of Captain America and is going to be making those movies he complained about for the rest of his life. And making them for China, where they rewrite movies and force actors to bend over for the communist Chinese. Also, I seem to remember the Captain America movies having extra titles (“The First Avenger,” “The Winter Soldier”) so that China could drop the “Captain America” part. But I could be wrong.

So Hollywood has a problem, yes, but sadly it looks like the actors are just playing along.

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded video

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